Person with red clothes and blacks makes ski mountaineering

The Val di Fiemme offers many possibilities to practice sport amongst which alpine skiing must be mentioned. Alpine skiing, or as it was once called, downhill skiing, was initially practiced by the Scandinavian people who used skis with soles covered in sealskin to facilitate ascents. Over the years Alpine skiing has evolved not only regarding technique but also regarding materials. The layers of sealskin have, in fact, been replaced by synthetic fibers which are used for ascending and removed for descents.
For those who love to practice this exciting sport among the peaks of the Dolomites, here are some interesting trails that the Val di Fiemme offers.

  • Traversata del Latemar
  • Cima Bocche: 2,745 meters
  • Cima Juribrutto: 2,697 meters
  • Traversata del Passo Mulaz: 2,619 meters
  • Cima dei Bureloni: 3,130 meters
  • Colbricon: 2,602 meters
  • Piccolo Colbricon: 2,511 meters
  • Cima di Ceremana: 2,699 meters
  • Cima di Bragarolo: 2,692 meters
  • Cima di Cece: 2,754 meters
  • Cima di Moregna: 2,517 meters
  • Cauriol: 2,494 meters
  • Castel delle Aie: 2,486 meters
  • Castel delle Aie Quote: 2,393 meters
  • Litegosa: 2,548 meters
  • Cimon di Lasteolo: 2.560 meters
  • Lastè delle Sute: 2,616 meters
  • Busa Grana Cima Ovest: 2,451 meters
  • Cima delle Stellune: 2,605 meters
  • Monte Croce: 2,490 meters