The Latemar mountains on a clear day with some cloud

Latemar Montagna Animata

The Latemar Montagna Animata is a children's park which is located above Predazzo, and you can get to it using the Predazzo-Gardoné cable car. Here you will find there are many activities to entertain your children in the open air, overlooked by the beautiful Dolomites.

Regno dei Draghi

The Regno dei Draghi is a wonderful playground for children. Here, thanks to the specialised children's entertainers, outdoor games and group activities are held. There are many manual activities for children, such as Dragon art, which consists of art workshops during which children use only raw materials from the woods and nature. There is also a kindergarten service for a fee.

Tubby trail

On the Montagna Animata you will also find a fabulous tubby trail, on which old and young and have fun sliding on rubber donuts and taking on the challenge of 2 parabolic curves along the way.

Theme trails

  • The Dragons Forest: this easy-to-do 1.4 kilometer long trail offers an open-air Land Art exhibition.
  • Tracking a distracted shepherd: a 1.5 kilometer long trail along which one will find many typical shepherds instruments like boots, buckets and cowbells.
  • The Dos Campel geological trail: on this 4-5 kilometer long trail you can find out about the Dolomites history, the Monti Pallidi that millions of years ago were atoll corals in a tropical sea.