The Palace of the Magnificent Community of Fiemme with frescoes on walls

The Magnifica Comunità of Fiemme

The Magnifica Comunità of Fiemme is one of the oldest institutions in the Alps. It was established in 1111 with the scope of safeguarding and promoting the population, art and culture of the Val di Fiemme. Nowadays the Magnifica Comunità is responsible for managing the common property of the valley, such as mountains, pastures and woodlands.

The Magnifica Comunità deals with logging, reforestation and the maintenance of the forest roads. This institution, although founded centuries ago, has managed to keep itself alive in the sense of identity of the people despite the huge historic changes that have taken place over the last century.

Today the Magnifica Comunità has its own building in the old town centre of Cavalese. It is open to visitors and is home to an art gallery, museum and archive of manuscripts, charters and writings relating to the early history of Fiemme.


Further information regarding the Magnifica Comunità is available on the official website at the following address