Two people walking in the woods looking for mushrooms

Mushroom picking in Val di Fiemme

Mushroom picking in Val di Fiemme is an outdoor pastime that fully respects nature and the environment. Rediscovering picturesque scenery and savouring the fruits of the earth fascinates a growing number of visitors.

In order to protect the territory and the surrounding nature, the Autonomous Province of Trento regulates mushroom picking through some basic rules the violation of which entails severe penalties. It is therefore determined that:

  • It is possible to pick wild mushrooms every day of the week, up to a maximum amount of two kilos per day per person over the age of ten;
  • Children under the age of ten may only pick mushrooms if accompanied by a family member with the necessary documents: in this case too, the maximum limit is 2 kilos per person;
  • The maximum limit of 2 kilograms is not applicable should a single mushroom exceed this weight;
  • Mushroom picking is only permitted during the day; it is prohibited between the hours of 7.00 pm. and 7.00 am;
  • It is strictly forbidden to destroy or damage mushrooms at the picking site; the use of rakes, hooks or other similar means that can damage the soil humus is also prohibited;
  • All mushrooms must be basically cleaned at the site where they are picked and they may only be carried in stiff containers with holes (baskets or similar);
  • As a rule, mushroom picking is forbidden in natural parks and other restricted areas, which must be suitably indicated using the relevant signs or information notices;
  • Removing or damaging signs prohibiting mushroom picking is strictly forbidden .

To pick mushrooms in Val di Fiemme one must present the relevant declaration, which must be accompanied by the payment of a sum that varies according to the length of time the permit is required for.

We wish you all happy mushroom picking in the woods of the enchanting Val di Fiemme!