The country of Valfloriana in Val di Fiemme

Valfloriana in Trentino

Valfloriana, made up of as many as 10 villages, is a small district in Trentino at the mouth of the Cembra Valley with about 600 inhabitants. The town is located 853 meters above sea level, perfectly structured and rich in art, history and culture.
Well known for the famous Carnival of Matòci, Valfloriana has kept alive one of the oldest events in the region. Carnival masks carved in wood by local craftsmen are worth the trip to Valfloriana, which, for the occasion, organizes a masked procession through the streets of the town. Among the participants are Matòci, Harlequins, Musicians, a married couple called Paiaci and many other characters who cheerfully pass through the streets of the town and its outlying villages.

Definitely to be included among the historical and artistic sights worth seeing in Valfloriana are the Church of Montalbino and the Church of San Floriano, old buildings full of frescoes and decorative features from the past.