View from below the bell tower of the village of CaprianaThe wheel of an old wooden windmill surrounded by flowers

Capriana in the Val di Fiemme

Capriana is a village in the Val di Fiemme situated at 1,008 meters above sea level. This village is perched on the edge of the Cembra Valley and is a popular place of pilgrimage. Indeed, Capriana is the birthplace of the Blessed Maria Domenica Lazzeri, known by locals as the "Blessed Meneghina". She was a young woman who, due to continuous bleeding from several wounds in her body, was bedridden for 14 long years. A lot of famous people visited Maria Domenica Lazzeri over the years and were struck by her spiritual qualities. Today Capriana is the reference point for those who want to recollect some moments of the life of this holy woman, who died at the age of 33. It's also possible to visit her birthplace which has become a small museum.

Among the historical sites that you can visit in Capriana there is the church of Carbonare and the church of San Bartolomeo, built between 1866 and 1869.
If you want to admire the wonders of nature Capriana is the ideal place: it's immersed in the Natural Park of Monte Corno among the ancient vineyards of the Val di Cembra.

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